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Runways are one of the most demanding events to produce, as everyone expects perfection. You’ll need someone on your team who is experienced and good under pressure. That’s us, honey!


We know about the pressures on designers and stylists during these events: the last minute alterations and touch-ups, changes to the program, the huge amount of people all jostling around backstage. We thrive on the energy at runway events and love working on a look with other professionals to properly capture the designer’s vision.


We know that what you see on the runway isn’t necessarily what you’ll see in the stores. These events are pure art, and serve as conceptual style inspiration for the season. A “showpiece” is always what people are talking about when they come out of the shows, and we want to make sure they’re saying good things about it!


We understand that runway looks are designed to capture the imagination of the audience, and display what the designer is thinking about in the context of their overall philosophy. We’ll style a hair and makeup look that reflects this philosophy and makes the outfit really shine.

runway makeup artist



Runway Beauty Artist

Fashions shows are essentially events where you see designers, models, hair and makeup artists, and a host of other people come together to create magic. Now, the designers create their collections, which the models strut down the runways in. But who is responsible for making sure that the models don’t just show off the clothes but also look absolutely stunning while doing so? The hair and makeup artists! If you are a designer putting together a show, it is essential that you hire professional runway beauty artists who are capable of bringing to life your vision for the show, while creating a unique concept and making sure there is spectacle for all to witness. It doesn’t matter if it is a high- brow New York Fashion Week event or a small, independent show, the right runway makeup can make a world of difference in how much of an impression you can make on your audience and potential clients and customers.

At Pink Ivy Beauty, we are a team of skilled and experienced hair and makeup artists who are well- versed in the art of translating the overall image and idea behind a fashion show through the medium of hair and makeup. Get in touch with us to book our services or to learn more about what we have to offer.


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